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We ask the critical questions and present the action you need to take to prevent small problems from becoming big issues. Whether you plan to consolidate, grow, increase profits or attract investors, your strategy is essential.

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We deliver a sales and marketing system that works. We help you get clear on what your customers really want, how to deliver it, and ensure your team has the necessary skills to sell. Unify and align your brand message to boost sales.

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Great businesses prosper with great people. Identifying talent and managing it within your business is vital. By creating an empowered business culture, you attract the right people to support your business direction.

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Increasing the value of your business puts you in a great position when you are ready to sell. We help secure your future by helping your business become sale-ready; including succession planning, exit strategies, valuation and sale.

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At Unity Management, we never, ever stop searching for new and better ways to help our clients' businesses grow

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We always focus on delivering sustainable business improvement outcomes aligned with your business vision

One size does not fit all, which is why with Unity Management you are assured of:


Personal Service

You receive a dedicated consultant who is your 'go-to expert' and project manager.


Niche Understanding

All our clients are privately-owned small and medium businesses.


Tailored Programs

All our business improvement programs are customised to your business.


End-to-End Services | Govt. Grant Funded 

Benefit from end-to-end solutions that are easy, efficient and affordable.



Over 150 businesses across 30 industries have worked with us in the past ten years.


Guaranteed Results

We support our business consulting services with a guarantee.


Affordability | Govt. Grant Funding Eligible Services

Our govt grant eligible business services are cost-effective and pay for themselves.



We provide the necessary coaching to keep you focused on achieving results.


Value Add

We increase the valuation of your business through to sale.


Confident businesses we have helped to shape

"The market value of our business has grown enormously, two years on and our group sales are still increasing 30%PA. We completely missed the GFC and the business has never been stronger. If you are serious about your business then get Unity Management."

Terry Ibrahim - Director, FountainLine IMS

"We have been associated with Jon Hemming and the team from Unity Management for 2 years and we highly recommend them for business development and consulting purposes. We have seen the tangible benefits of the fresh ideas and strategies that have been introduced into our business."

Wayne Diver-Tuck - Director, JBW Surveyors




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