Business Plan Template | Startup

Business Plan Template | This template outlines the key areas for consideration in preparing your business plan. Some parts of this template may not apply to your business and industry circumstances. Therefore you may need to add supplementary sections and information to fully document your business opportunity. 

(1) Executive summary

(2) Business profile
2.1. Business overview
2.2 Product/service features
2.3 About the directors and their company vision

(3) Industry and market analysis
3.1 Industry size
3.2 Market size
3.3 Customer behaviour
3.4 Market segment
3.5 Competitor analysis

(4) Strategic direction
4.1 Vision, mission and company values
4.2 SWOT analysis
4.3 Market validation highlights
4.4 Business strategy

(5) Financial plan
5.1 Financial modelling
5.2 Establishment costs
5.3 Cash flow projections
5.4 Balance sheet
5.5 Breakeven analysis

(6) Project timeline
6.1 Project timeline, resource allocation and action

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