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The Business Intensive

Business owners, imagine solving 2 key business challenges in only 2 months?

Is it poor financial systems, reporting, profits, sales or people management? Or you simply need better systems to help you ‘get out from under the business’ to ‘back in control’?

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Technology Selection

One of the most basic things every company needs is proper Customer Relations Management (CRM) systems. The foundation of every business ever is the relationship it is able to maintain with customers, partners, and vendors. Why not make it easy on ourselves with easy and affordable tools? Capsule, Calendly, and Asana will rock any business owner’s world and let me tell you why...   Continue reading

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Conversion Rate Optimisation – Boost Your Business

Online strategy boils down to optimising your website's conversion rate ("CRO") and increasing qualified traffic to your site. Investing in traffic before CRO is putting the cart before the horse as CRO will increase the ROI of your traffic budget. Step 1. Use the available tracking tools to identify every single individual who is on your website, what they are doing, and why they fall off your conversion pathway. (Google Analytics does not do this.)

Step 2. Use the available CRO tools to improve, test, and improve again your online conversion pathway i.e. evidence based marketing.  Continue reading

KPI Results | Balance Scorecard Example

Essential tools: the balanced scorecard example

One of the most valuable tools available to help you review and measure the effectiveness of your strategy is the Balanced Scorecard methodology. This is an extremely effective practice for monitoring and measuring all aspects of your internal and external business environment and providing you with the up-to-date information critical to effective decision making.

It was developed in the 1980s by Robert Kaplan and David Norton, to help companies cope with dramatic changes in the global corporate landscape, and remains invaluable today as communication channels and technology continue to evolve at a dizzying rate.   Continue reading

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