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Exporting is a good way to expand almost any manufacturing business. It will also work in a number of service-based industries.It can be done using an existing product range and simply extending product production output.  It can open up new markets by targeting areas where there is no direct competition, or be used to reduce a dependence on domestic markets that are being oversupplied. Many businesses have the potential to become exporters but shy away from doing anything about it because they think it means learning a new way of doing business.  Others don’t try because they believe exporting is only for the bigger business.There’s some truth in both beliefs of course – but it’s not the whole truth. 

Metal Core Distribution is an exporter of Non-motorised scooters and components under the brand name “Envy”.

Barry Cuneo told Austrade, “November 2012 sees us introducing a new high end brand, FASEN Scooters, distributing through a separate and motivated distributor in the USA and the existing Distributor in Europe, who has ‘sub distributors”, representing about 15 countries, including Finland, Estonia, Russia and Czech Republic, as well as UK and mainland Europe.” He added that, “The great burgeoning markets are Canada, South America and Asia, with South Africa yet to be touched.”

The company’s initial 5 year plan identified Australia only in year one, New Zealand in year two, the UK in year three, Europe in year four and the US in year five. However, in the first year, they were already distributing in five countries in Europe and the UK, and they had started distribution in the US. Branding was split into two in June 2011, with BLUNT Scooters in Europe and the UK, and ENVY Scooters in the US, Australia and Asia.
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Export Market Development Grant - What You Can Claim

Nine categories of promotional activities can be claimed: You may claim for expenditure on specific export promotional activities undertaken during the financial year before the application period. For your first grant you may claim expenses incurred over the last two financial years.

  1. Overseas representatives

You can claim:

  • all reasonable costs that you pay to have an overseas representative act on your behalf on a long-term basis to market/promote your product
  • the portion of the fee or expense paid to your overseas representative that relates to promotion of your Australian products. You cannot claim the costs of non-promotional activities your representative carries out for you such as supplying after-sales service, post-contractual training, sourcing of products, arranging clearance, warehousing or collection of goods, importing or promoting products from other countries
  • a maximum of $200,000 per application is claimable under this category. However you should include all eligible expenses that you wish to claim in your application to ensure your grant is maximised

Note: Austrade conducts detailed checks on overseas representative claims and may contact your representative by phone or in person as part of these checks. If you are claiming expenses for overseas representatives, you may be asked to provide additional supporting documentation with your application form.

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