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SME Marketing | Six Questions For Your Next Advertisement

Advertising isn’t an exact science by any means, but there are some guidelines to consider when constructing an advertisement that will improve its chances of grabbing attention – and getting some action. This applies whether you are preparing the advertisement yourself, or having it prepared for you by an advertising agent or consultant. As you prepare, ask yourself these questions.

1. Who am I talking to?

Define your advertising target when you answer this question. Imagine your prospect standing in front of you. An advertisement is a one-on-one communication between you and one other person, so talk to them as individuals. Know what their needs are and deliver the solution in a personal way.

2. What do I want them to do?

The response you want from the viewer must be stated - be as clear as possible and make it easy for them to respond. Not all advertising tries to sell something of course. Sometimes you want to generate an enquiry or have a prospect contact you for a sample. So show them the way forward - ‘Phone this number’, ‘Complete this coupon and mail it today’.

3. Why should they buy from me?

Tell them why you deserve their patronage instead of your competitors. Tell them what makes you a better source of supply than anybody else in the market. Promote your competitive advantages. These can include your location, your guarantee, your service policy, free delivery, better selection, and higher quality – everything you can think of.

4. Have I mentioned my UCD?

Your biggest competitive advantage is what you have that nobody else can offer. It’s known as a ‘UCD’ or ‘unique core differentiator’ and it’s critical to your success. If you haven’t yet identified your UCD then get thinking and come up with one. Some of the best promotional ideas are based on simple UCDs – ‘The biggest bookstore in town’, or ‘More flights to Rome than any other airline’.

5. Why should they believe me?

Never make a claim without supporting it. If you say ‘Our food is freshest’ you also have to tell prospects what makes it that way – ‘We grow it ourselves’, ‘We go to the markets at 4am’. Support any claims you’ve made to gain the prospect’s trust. Use testimonials if you have them – it’s a very powerful way to advertise.

6. What will move them to action?

Next comes the hardest part - getting the prospect to give you the response you want. Think of how many times you see an advertisement that interests you and makes you think about buying something, but then for some reason you never do anything about it. You need a call to action as the final step in your advertisement. This can often be in the form of an offer - ‘Act now and save ₤5’. This provides an immediacy that encourages action without delay.

Whether your advertisement is in a newspaper, on the radio or TV, or carried on a website, answer these questions as you create it and you’ll have an ad that will give you the results you want. 
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Conversion Rate Optimisation – Boost Your Business

Online strategy boils down to optimising your website's conversion rate ("CRO") and increasing qualified traffic to your site. Investing in traffic before CRO is putting the cart before the horse as CRO will increase the ROI of your traffic budget. Step 1. Use the available tracking tools to identify every single individual who is on your website, what they are doing, and why they fall off your conversion pathway. (Google Analytics does not do this.)

Step 2. Use the available CRO tools to improve, test, and improve again your online conversion pathway i.e. evidence based marketing.  Continue reading

Brand Colours, What Do The Say?

Developing Quality Marketing Materials On A Budget

Although many businesses cut back on marketing in difficult or uncertain economic times, smart operators continue to market their products and services. They know they can gain market share and cement customer loyalty while their competitors are losing ground.  Continue reading

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