How To Create A Vision Statement

By taking this step by step approach you should be able to create a compelling Vision, Mission, Purpose and Values Statements.

Step 1 | List your goals for the company.
Outcome | Clarity about what you personally want from the business.

Step 2 | Describe where you want to see your firm in the future.
Outcome | Future company inspiration and position.

Step 3 | List your company values.
Outcome | You have clarified how your team will work together.

Step 4 | List the company core purpose.
Outcome | Outline clear purpose of business.

Step 5 | Describe the mission of the company.
Outcome | What your company delivers to it customers (describe how it delivers).

Step 6 | Identify how you would like your company to be differentiated.
Outcome | Define clear communication channels.  Continue reading

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