Benchmark To Solve Your Business Challenges

Do you get stage fright when you have to make a sales presentation to a potential client?  The following tips can help you create and deliver a better sales pitch.  Continue reading

Multichannel Strategy - Why Retailing Is Failing

As a business owner in 2012 your success will be directly linked to how well you understand the psychology of why customers choose to connect to your business. over which channels and how these insights can be used to optimise organisational channel strategy.

A more globalised, connected, networked and informed world changes the way that customers view service and sales. There is clear evidence around how the boundaries between the physical and virtual worlds are starting to blur.

The many aspects of the customer decision-making process are mediated by “networked experts” who are frequently part of customers’ social network rather than company employees. It also underlines the importance of getting a consistent and coherent cross media strategy which often challenges the traditional silos of physical channel, website and retail store.

Despite the fact that multichannel strategies have been around for a number of years now, many companies have yet to implement a successful multi channel strategy despite the fact that the customer is demanding one.

With power and control shifting from organisations to customers, can organisations afford not to understand what customers are looking for from the channels available to them?

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Marketing Solutions That Deliver

In challenging economic times, more and more pressure is put on making your marketing and advertising dollar go further. Still so many businesses continue to take pot-shots with their advertising only the detriment of the bottom line, and the long-term stability of their businesses.  Continue reading

Avoid The Me-too Trap

In the competitive business world of today a successful model is quickly emulated. No sooner does a company develop a ground-breaking product that captures a significant share of an existing market, or better still, opens up a new market, than imitators start launching similar products to cash in on the originator’s achievement.

In fact, most marketing elements of successful products can be copied and quite often are. This goes for the product itself, its advertising, its publicity and its selling strategy. No marketplace advantage will be safe for very long; unless it’s defended in some way the original product can be supplanted by me-too, or copycat, products in a surprisingly short time.

For many businesses copycatting is their business model and they actually structure so as to have the capacity for making a rapid response to changes in the marketplace; if another company’s product appears to be a big success they simply bring out their own version and cash in. Copying a product has several obvious advantages over trying to come up with something entirely new; the market has already been developed, the pricing levels are known, and the main selling points have already been communicated. They’re safe!  Continue reading

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