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One of the most basic things every company needs is proper Customer Relations Management (CRM) systems. The foundation of every business ever is the relationship it is able to maintain with customers, partners, and vendors. Why not make it easy on ourselves with easy and affordable tools? Capsule, Calendly, and Asana will rock any business owner’s world and let me tell you why... 


If we’re talking CRM, Capsule is our best friend. How incredible is it to have every bit of contact information and keep track of our business’ relationships on a single browser-based app. The system allows users to add specific tasks by customer, note the potential sales value on leads, and keep in touch with contacts in a less salesy (I know, not a word, but you get it) way. Everyone in your network will be impressed with your incredible ability to keep up with everything and everyone, all the time.


A big part of keeping up with your contacts is making time for your contacts. I know, there aren’t enough hours in the day to make time for everyone. Well…. Let me tell you calendly will change the way you feel about scheduling appointments and calls. It’s amazing. Do you regularly make hour-long appointments with clients? Done. Oh, you like to cap calls with vendors at ten minutes? Done. Does a bad case of the Mondays make you grouchy every week? Let’s go ahead and block off Mondays as no-customer-interaction day. All you do is set up your account and send the link to your appointment book around to your contacts. The app syncs up with google calendars and allows people to schedule appointments according to your preferences and availability. Calendly gives users so many options to work around their busy lives that there is really no good reason not to make time for everyone in your network.


Remembering to add new contacts into Capsule, updating calendly availability settings, running a business - CRM seems like a lot to remember. We know business owners aren’t actually superhumans, they just have to be very good at managing their time. If you are a To-Do List type of person, Asana can be the best sidekick you will ever have. The system allows teams to work together on different projects, boards, and workflows to make sure every task is completed and everyone can be held accountable for their work. Tasks can be created, assigned, and organized with due dates and supplementary comments. Sooo cool, right?

We all know that getting organised is key in running a business effectively. Once we can organize our time and our team properly, we can ensure our entire business network that we are here to conduct business, and we are here to do it right. Capsule, Calendly, and Asana are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to incredibly useful cloud-based tools for everything from CRM to accounting and document management. At Get Digital Flow, we are excited to help business owners get started in the cloud. Visit our site to see more incredible cloud tools.

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