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How To Stop Wasting Your Marketing Budget

Conducting a digital audit of your business is critical to maximise every aspect of your business connectivity, engagement and sales.

So how do i complete a Digital Audit?

Many small business owners believe that they are already using digital technology effectively, because they have a website and Facebook page.

But there are many more ways to use digital technology to improve your business outcomes.

Conducting a digital audit will help you work out whether your business is a digital novice, digitally active or digitally advanced. We have achieved enormous success completing audits via 3 key stages:

• The Digital Audit
• Two x 3 Hours Stakeholder Workshops
• Documents, Strategy and Digital Footprint Plans

For the Audit, access to all of the clients digital platforms is required including Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Adwords, Website CMS, Social Profiles, Email Marketing Platform, CRM etc. The findings of the audit are then presented in the first workshop and will inform many discussion points in the stakeholder workshops.

This approach ensures you have a independent Digital expert assessing your digital assets without a vendor biased situation trying to sell you their solutions that just doesn't work optimally with the rest of your digital systems.

We understand how powerful this process is. And at the end of the Digital Audit we will delver a 40-50 slide Powerpoint Presentation covering:

• Insights and Learnings from the Digital Audit
• Workshop documentation and findings
• Digital Roadmap - outlining tactics to be implemented over the next 12 - 24 months including KPIs.

So if your Digital Assets just don't click together and your marketing budget is constantly being wasted, then we can help.

Email: with your contact details and request Unity Managements Digital Audit information pack.

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