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If you haven't heard of it, this little book has become a cult classic and we can get you a free hard copy through our partnership with the team at Dent (the company behind the popular brand, 'Key Person of Influence'), referred to by as "One of the top business growth acccelerators in the world"

Click here to get your FREE hardcopy book (RRP $19.95) - of the Amazon Business & Entrepreneurship Bestseller 'Key Person of Influence' by Daniel Priestley. 

Simply leave your postal address and the team at Dent will post it to your letterbox, with our compliments. 

About the book:

It assumes you're already successful and clearly explains how you can continue to differentiate yourself from your competition driving profit per employee by:

  • Perfecting your PITCH.
  • Building credibility through PUBLISHING thought leadership.
  • Turning time based services into value based PRODUCTS.
  • Raising your PROFILE without becoming a shameless self promoter.
  • Aligning yourself with top brands and industry leaders through PARTNERSHIPS.

Over 10,000 entrepreneurs have read this book in Australia alone and are making waves in their industry as a result - it's become a must read if you're exploring how to develop your company, product and personal brand. 

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