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Help Motivate Employees To Give Their Best Effort

Dispel common myths about motivation

Some believe that there are certain people who cannot be motivated. That is simply not true. We are all motivated to do what we perceive to be in our best interests. The trick is to align the interests of the organization with those of the employee. The best way to do this is to establish goals for the employee, which, if achieved, will support the overall effort of the organization.

Another common myth is that managers can motivate employees. The fact is that managers cannot motivate people; people have to motivate themselves. People are motivated by different things. While money is a good motivator, it can go only so far.

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We frequently talk about ‘the team’ in our businesses when we’re really just talking about the group of people who work there. A team is a lot more than just a collection of employees; it’s people who actively work together to achieve the business’ vision and goals.

Teams don’t just happen. They’re built by forward-thinking managers who recognise the value of teamwork and actively set up the right conditions for it to flourish. In fact it takes real planning and commitment to turn a group into a team, but consider some of the business benefits:

· Willing collaboration and sharing of ideas to develop new or better solutions for the way things get done

· A sense of belonging that is good for individual and workplace morale by minimising conflict and getting people engaged with their jobs
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