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Business Planning 

From start-ups to multi-million dollar corporations we set your strategy, deliver the systems to keep you in control and guide you through the process. Via group and individual consultation we help support your business to new growth, operational improvements and sustainable profitability.

Good business advice pays for itself over and over. Unity Management has delivered strategic insights that not only support growth but also turn ailing businesses – whose owners were ready to walk away – into commercial triumphs. Our business planning program is a must for any business owner ready to take their business to the next level. Contact us to speak with our clients about the results they achieved working with us. 

Government Business Grant Funding

We can help you pinpoint the right grant program and then simplify the application process. In our experience most applicants need support in order to obtain it - simply because a high quality, well targeted application has a greater probability of success. Unity Management will only charge you if your application is successful. 

Unity Management's services are eligible for many of the grant funding programs so you can access professional advice and take the time to work on your business while saving on professional fees.

We are so confident you will achieve sustained and measurable results we guarantee our services.

"The market value of our business has grown enormously working with Unity Management. Sales were up 89%, profits grew 292%. In 2013, sales went up 122%, and profits jumped a crazy 320%. Two years on and our group sales are still increasing 15% year on year."

FLIMS Company Directors


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Clear direction

Workable strategy

Govt Grant funding

Additional revenue


Businesses we have helped to shape

"The choice of champions when it comes to sports line marking. From the director: "the market value of our business has grown enormously, sales increased '89%, profits grew 292%. In 2015, sales went up 122%, and profits jumped a crazy 320%. Two years on and our group sales are still increasing 25% year on year.

Terry - Director, FountainLine

"As one of Australia's leading surveying companies, JBW Surveyors are at the forefront of their industry. JBW Surveyors have been associated with Unity Management for over 3 years and we highly recommend them for consulting purposes. We have seen the excellent results from the ideas adopted into our business - terrific work."

Wayne Diver-Tuck - Director, JBW Surveyors


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