Succession Planning

Do you have a succession plan in place for your business? Have you thought about what will happen when you want to step away from the business?

If you answered no to these questions then unity Management has the skills to help you create an all encompassing succession plan to ensure you can plan adequately for the future.

A succession plan is a strategy that outlines the best way for you to step away from your business, without jeopardizing its future success.

Within this plan you can outline those who will take leadership and ownership positions and any restructuring that may need to take place. A strong succession plan allows you to maximise the value of your business and to ensure its future meets are met.

Do I need a succession plan?

Anyone who wants their business to be successful in the long run needs a succession plan to secure the future of their business.

Creating a plan ensures that nothing is left to chance and the business’ strategic priorities remain after you have exited your position.

Unity management takes a tailored approach to succession planning and works with you to intimately understand your business and the path of its future.

When working with our team on your succession plan its import to consider the following:

  • What is your business worth now and predicted in the future
  • Who do you wish your successor to be?
  • How can you best manage a smooth transition for existing team members?
  • Will your departure affect key stakeholders and business relationships?

The team at Unity Management can work with your extended team of accountants, legal advisors and counsel to ensure the creating your succession plan and easy and efficient.

Is a succession plan right for me?

Succession planning is a significant issue for family business and is often something that many family businesses don’t emphasise in their future planning or formalise.

To ensure the future prosperity of your family business it is important that succession planning isn’t left too late, as this can have significant ramifications on the business.

The team at Unity Management work with your family and your business every step of the way to ensure you are supported and professionally guided through the process of creating a detailed and effective succession plan.

Do Unity Management personalise my succession plan?

At Unity Management we take a tailored approach to all of our clients and their respective business or industry. Both individual and business requirements are reviewed and considered to ensure your plan is tailored to you, your business needs and the overall goals that your business has in place.

The team at Unity Management understands that you are the heart and soul of your business and understand that taking a step back can be difficult. By taking an all encompassing tailored approach we hope that our clients feel comfortable and confident in the future success and smooth transition of their business.

Unity Management can assist with:

  • Implementation of governance
  • Risk management
  • Reporting systems
  • Security with a less hands on role
  • Recruitment
  • Key selection criteria

Unity Management succession expert will work with you to ensure the security of your business through an optimum succession strategy.

For more information please reach out to one of our friendly team to understand further how we can assist with your succession planning.

For a complimentary consultation please reach out to one of our friendly team.

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