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We have delivered 100+ business improvement projects combined with 20 years experience helping business owners take their business to the next level

Boost your sales, people and business valuation. 

Learn from the experts who have added measurable improvements in customer satisfaction, sales, efficiencies and value to enterprises just like yours. Government Grant funding available * eligibility criteria required 

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We ask the critical questions and present the action you need to take to prevent small problems from becoming big issues. Whether you plan to consolidate, grow, increase profits or attract investors, your strategy is essential.

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We deliver a sales and marketing system that works. We help you get clear on what your customers really want, how to deliver it, and ensure your team has the necessary skills to sell. Unify and align your brand message to boost sales.

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Great businesses prosper with great people. Identifying talent and managing it within your business is vital. By creating an empowered business culture, you attract the right people to support your business direction.

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Increasing the value of your business puts you in a great position when you are ready to sell. We help secure your future by helping your business become sale-ready; including succession planning, exit strategies, valuation and sale.

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Leading businesses we have helped to build

"The choice of champions when it comes to sports line marking. From the director: "the market value of our business has grown enormously, sales increased '89%, profits grew 292%. In 2015, sales went up 122%, and profits jumped a crazy 320%. Two years on and our group sales are still increasing 25% year on year.

Terry - Director, FountainLine

"As one of Australia's leading surveying companies, JBW Surveyors are at the forefront of their industry. JBW Surveyors have been associated with Unity Management for over 3 years and we highly recommend them for consulting purposes. We have seen the excellent results from the ideas adopted into our business - terrific work."

Wayne Diver-Tuck - Director, JBW Surveyors


Unity Management is a strategic change company that helps private enterprise plan, grow, run or exit their business in order to enjoy the business they deserve. From building, running and exit, we can help.

The team at Unity Management come together as one of Australia's leading boutique business transformational consulting companies. Jon and the team have helped created a multitude of multimillion-dollar businesses over the last decade. We have literally added many millions in revenue and profits while supporting business owners to realise their goals.

The Unity Management team combine their business knowledge into a real working and tactical business improvement program for business owners who are driven to take their business to the next level. Unity Management specialises in delivering our integrated service based on commercial experience, qualifications and success.

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Our Integrated Service

Unity Management delivers cost benefits through its integrated service delivery model. At Unity, we constantly remind ourselves that we're in business, first and foremost, to help build our clients' businesses.

  • Business plans, business strategy, sales and marketing plans
  • Succession planning, maximise your business value when selling your business
  • Sales improvement through marketing and sales system implementation
  • Talent and technology management 
  • Government grant funding

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