The Best-Performing CEOs in the World 2018

HBR Nov-Dec 2018 Issue In turbulent times, steadiness and stability can be significant virtues. These qualities are evident in the 100 men and women who’ve achieved a spot in HBR’s 2018 ranking of the world’s top-performing CEOs. They face an array of outside...

Why Do I Need a Business Plan? Free White Paper

What will happen if I don’t create a business plan? 80% of small businesses fail within the first 18 months. Forbes Magazine lists the following as the top 5 reasons for failure: • Lack of understanding of customers. • Lack of differentiation in the market. • Failure...

Preparing For Sale | Free White Paper

Businesses change hands for many reasons, including planned retirement, unsolicited purchase offers and sudden changes of circumstance. Whatever the reason for your sale, you want the process to be as smooth as possible and you expect to be fully rewarded for the hard...

Success Story | TILT Industrial Design

Congratulations to the team at TILT Industrial Design. TILT completed the Unity Business Planning and Growth Program in 2015 including accessing government grant funding. The result: "Their turnover quadrupled from $700,000 to $3 million in 2016-17, and is targeting...


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