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A leading strategy-to-execution firm, Unity has delivered 100+ projects since 2007 for businesses with an annual $2m-$50m turnover, across the new economy including: high-tech, IT services, cyber security, drone-tech, healthcare, medical technology, advanced manufacturing, building services and engineering.

Plan your business for growth

Growth Strategy

Good business advice pays for itself over and over. Unity Management delivers strategic insights for companies with a $2m-$50m turnover; transforming underperforming businesses into commercial triumphs. See how we quadrupled this company’s turnover from $700,000 to $3 million in 2017.
Value Proposition

Discover Value

Do you know the value of your business? Understanding the true market value of your business ensures at exit you reach your goals. Business growth and a successful exit usually don’t happen by chance. We’ll help you maximise the value of your business so when it comes times to exit you transition easily.
Succession Writeups

Exit Planning

Are you ready for sale? Do you know the value of your business? Increasing the value of your business puts you in a great position when you are ready to sell. We help secure your future by making your business sale-ready including succession planning, exit strategies, valuation and sale.
Customer Insights

Customer Insights

Success starts with getting clear on what your customers really want, how to deliver it and ensuring your team has the necessary skills to deliver it. Let us unify and align your brand message using tried-and-tested customer research techniques and sophisticated CRM/ERP technology. Book a consultation today and get started.
Profits and growth

Marketing and Sales

We implement and support the key projects to improve your sales. Whether repositioning, brand communications, sales training or identifying your USP, our growth services provide end-to-end support through the development and growth of your business.
Grant Funding

Grant Funding

We can help you pinpoint the right grant program and simplify the application process. Helping you submit a high quality, well-targeted application ensures a greater chance of success.  In fact, we’re so confident, if your grant is not successful, we won’t charge.
Attracting Talent

Attract Talent

Great management makes the unpredictable more predictable. We help you create an empowered business culture, so you attract – and keep – the right people. Find out how our change management program transformed this 5-person SME into a company of 60 in just 18 months.
Future Proofing


Performance Benchmarking and understanding what the competition is doing is crucial to differentiate your business. We’ll analyse your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses; make sure you know your sector trends and threats to future-proof your business.
Client Success Stories in Sydney

Success Stories

As one of Australia’s leading surveying companies, JBW Surveyors are at the forefront of their industry. Over the last four years Unity Management helped transformed their operations through improving their: strategic sales, HR people management and business technology selection. Click below to read their testimonial and many more.


Average yearly client revenue growth after change management

Strategic projects in last 10 years


Average increase of production


As one of Australia’s leading surveying companies, JBW Surveyors are at the forefront of their industry. JBW Surveyors have been associated with Unity Management for over 3 years and we highly recommend them for consulting purposes. We have seen the excellent results from the ideas adopted into our business – terrific work.
Wayne Diver-Tuck

Director, JBW Surveyors

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