The Business Intensive

Business owners, imagine solving 2 key business challenges in only 2 months?

Is it poor financial systems, reporting, profits, sales or people management? Or you simply need better systems to help you ‘get out from under the business’ to ‘back in control’?

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There has been a lot written about goal setting. We still like this approach. 


The first term stresses the need for a specific goal over and against a more general one. This means the goal is clear and unambiguous. To make goals specific, they must tell a team exactly what is expected, why is it important, who’s involved, where is it going to happen and which attributes are important. A specific goal will usually answer the five "W" questions:  Continue reading

Improving Productivity Starts With Improving Management

Business owners know that workers who aren’t using their time and resources effectively are costing the company money. Declining productivity means falling profits and sliding competitive position. That makes the findings from this year’s Proudfoot Productivity Report a cause of concern to employers.

The 2011 report covered businesses in the U.S., Australia and Europe. It reports a disturbing average of 18% of working time wasted among the surveyed businesses. The U.S. came in as most efficient with ‘only’ 14.1% of working hours wasted while Australia topped the charts at 19.4% wasted.

 Analysis of contributory causes revealed that more than three-quarters of inefficient working in 2006 could be attributed to just three causes:
• Inadequate workforce supervision (31% of all wasted time)
• Poor management planning and control of work (30%)
• Poor communication (18%)

The remainder of wasted time recorded was the result of IT problems, low morale and a skills absence or mismatch.
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Put More Time Into Every Day

Having too many of those days that are just too short to get everything done? The ‘to do’ list gets longer and there’s no end in sight. You’re not alone in feeling like this, and here’s what can be done about it.

Start by making a list of everything that you do on a regular basis. Some will be daily events, some need doing each week, some only once a month. Be as complete as you possibly can – whether it’s a personal appointment for a haircut or a regular game of golf on Saturday. This list also includes general areas like the time you spend at your desk taking care of the mundane details of the business. Break it down into as much detail as possible, but even if it’s just ‘being there’ put it on the list.

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